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5. Management systems

Control center

The User Terminal application is the nerve center of the Adventa solution. It centralizes all of monitoring, control, configuration, and administration needs that are required to operate a parking lot. It runs on high-performance servers and has been developed with the most widely-implemented programming standards and allows real-time local or remote management of your business.


Utilities for interacting with equipment for remote user assistance and maintenance tasks.


Configurable interface for viewing lot occupancy, operations, alarms, and the status of the parking lot’s network of terminals and devices in real time.


Basic and advanced configuration modules for all access, payment, products, and rates systems.


Management of all products, payments, customers, and billing, among others.

TVI – Reports viewer

The Adventa solution includes TVI, the application for generating reports for your parking lot. These pre-configured reports cover most of the needs for obtaining information from the most common systems.

ExportData PK – Data exporter

Information is business and data mining is the key. ExportDataPK is the system in the Adventa solution for exporting information from the database for use in external systems. It makes it easy to configure the extraction of one or more files: sales, operations, payments by date, products, users, or zones, among others. At the same time it automates the preliminary validation, extraction, and transmission of data, as well as the notification of processes. ExportDataPK can be run manually, automatically, as a Windows service or dll for advanced applications.