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4. Integrable systems

License plate recognition system - LPR

The Adventa solution is integrated with the principal manufacturers of license plate recognition cameras, it consolidates the information obtained from them with the information generated by the system’s own equipment and operations.

Automatic Parking guidance system

Meypar has extensive experience in projects that include systems for guiding users to free spaces to offer a complete solution that contributes greatly to fluid movement in parking lots.

Perimetral cameras at entries and exits

The configuration of entry and exit zones can integrate perimeter surveillance cameras, providing centralized management of all of the data and images of movements in those zones.

Occupancy information sysyem

Meypar’s Itinere line offers a wide range of dynamic parking-space guidance panels and variable message panels that when integrated into the Adventa solution, allow efficient management of traffic congestion generated around the parking lots.

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