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3. Products

The Adventa product line easily covers the needs of many types of parking lots. Shopping center visitors, hospital staff, rental vehicle fleets in airports, or spectators at a football stadium. The combination and features of the Adventa products provide the necessary flexibility to satisfy operating models that are totally different from each other.

Short-term tickets

This is the most universal support, a product for short-term users to allow access to the lot by means of a ticket printed by the entry generator. The information for the vehicle and operation is contained in the QR code. The payment for the parking stay is made in automatic or manual pay stations and discounts may be associated with it. The user can leave the parking lot following validation at the exit reader.

Supports for pass holders / Monthly pass

The products for pass holders, suitable for users who make regular or prolonged use of a parking lot, allow a large number of configurations and access systems. The Adventa management system can configure the validity of a pass between dates, for a particular number of uses, spaces, time periods, zones, or time. Depending on the selected configuration, pass holders can enter and exit the parking lot using a proximity card, TAG, license plate recognition, or an identifier associated with an external system, such as a loyalty application or card from a shopping center*.
(*Consult all of the possibilities that the Adventa solution offers for pass holders)

Pre-paid smart cards

Value cards identify users and are suitable for regular use of a parking lot, but that is less intensive than a pass holder. The balance that is loaded and available on the card is consumed by uses, time, or parking amount, depending on the configuration.

Discount vouchers

Discount vouchers are a means of payment to be used with the manual or automatic pay stations. Depending on the configuration specified during generation, vouchers discount time or an amount from the duration of the parking or the parking cost, respectively.

Pre-sold tickets

Pre-sold tickets are especially suitable for parking lots at cultural or sports centers that experience sharp peaks in user exits at the end, for example, of a football game. If the pre-set parking time has not expired, the user will be able to pass the exit control without validating the ticket at the automatic pay stations. The parking duration can also be extended ahead of time at the pay stations.

Loyalty cards and applications

Loyalty cards and applications are used by large shopping centers and are an excellent marketing tool. Adventa’s solution allows integration, by means of an identifier, of users registered in an external system. The identifier can be one of different modes used by the Adventa access systems: license plate recognition, presentation of a QR code, proximity card, among others.