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2. Payment systems

Adventa offers a line of pay stations where design achieves its fullest expression. Not only to create stations that are aesthetically pleasing and attractive. The goal is to achieve the maximum ease of use, ergonomics, and accessibility. In short, faster operations, shorter waits in payment zones, increased satisfaction before leaving the parking lot.

Digital Signage

Optional large-format screen attractively integrated into the unit as a point to display information to users, advertising, or for other purposes. A way to add value to payment zones.

Device placement

The devices with which the users interact during the operations are easy to locate, aligned, and arranged in their natural order of use.

User interface

User interface on large-format touchscreen with an essentially simple and visual design, the important information and user instructions are highlighted at all times.

Visual assistance system

Tells users which device they can use and the operational status of the device.

Pay stations

Depending on the model, they may include the possibility of payment in cash or with credit cards. Units with TCP-IP connectivity and online operations. Can be configured with 2D bar code scanner, proximity card reader-writer, multi-currency coin and bill collector with coin and bill recycling, EMV card reader with pinpad and proximity reader, and IP intercom.

Pay in lane

Terminal that integrates an exit reader and an automatic unit for payment with credit card to leave the parking lot without first going to the cashier zone. Includes a 2D bar code scanner, proximity card reader, EMV card reader with pinpad and proximity reader, and IP intercom.

Manual payment cash register POS / Fee computer

The solution for outfitting your control center or parking lots that do not require unmanned exit zones with a payment collection point. Not only facilitates fast payment operations, but also covers the most common day-to-day operating tasks: generation of short-term and pre-sale tickets, validation of discounts, management of pass holders, wallet cards and cash control, among others.

Integrated into the Adventa system with TCP-IP connectivity, it offers a user interface on a touchscreen. The Adventa POS includes a 2D bar code reader scanner and a printer.

POS App - Portable payment terminal

All of the functions of a conventional POS with the portability of a Tablet*. A tool for optimizing the operation of your parking lot and improving customer service.
(* Consult the availability of this product)

Easy integrationwith mobile payment platforms

The open architecture of the Adventa solution facilitates integration with mobile payment* platforms. Meypar’s R&D department has the necessary capacity and experience in integration projects.
(*Request information about integrated payment applications)

Adventa Merchant Validator App, the advanced discount application.

The Adventa autonomous validation application offers a modern alternative to traditional validation terminals for the application of discounts. Available for Android and compatible with any smartphone, the application is optimized for devices* equipped with a specific reader for bar codes. The application, connected to high-performance Meypar servers, allows the application of discounts that can be configured by time, amount, percentage of time, and percentage of amount. With a multi-language interface and design created based on its use in large shopping centers, the system is able to manage multiple users for each store, and multiple stores per parking lot.
(* Request information about the features of the devices supplied by Meypar)