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1. Access systems

A comprehensive solution for each project

Adventa is a comprehensive solution. It covers all of the systems needed to operate a parking lot, regardless of its size, characteristics and operating model. It is also a modular solution, which makes it possible to obtain an optimized configuration for each project.

The combination of the Adventa access Systems, Products, Payment systems, and Integrable systems makes it possible to configure the optimum solution that provides maximum comfort and speed for users when they enter and leave the parking lot. At the same time, this combination will be adjusted to fit your needs in terms of control, rotation, and operating model.

Adventa access systems cover all parking lot access control needs. From the generation of tickets for short-term users to any configuration for pass holders: license-plate reading, QR codes presented with loyalty cards and applications, NFC, and all of the variations of proximity and TAG readers.

Dispensers and readers

Terminals with configurable online operations with the required peripherals: user interface on LCD display or TFT screen, roll or fanfold ticket printers, proximity card reader, 2D bar code scanner with faceup or face-down presentation. The equipment also includes the most suitable type of IP intercom for each project.

Automatic Barriers

With an opening time of 1 second, the drive motor is controlled by a variable frequency drive. A sign panel for users and lighted arm may also be incorporated as options. The arm may be up to 3.5 meters long. Like the other Adventa terminals, most of the cabinet is made of stainless steel.