Technology and services for citizen mobility

Meypar provides solutions based on technology and services to make it easier to use and operate parking facilities, regulated parking areas in cities and highways. These solutions are developed to offer a comprehensive answer to the needs of those who manage and use these infrastructures, which form part of the daily movements of citizens around the globe.


Listen, understand, satisfy

To meet these needs, Meypar focuses on gaining an in-depth knowledge of each country, environment or city in which we undertake projects. By working closely with governments, operators and distributors, we become familiar with the reality of their services and business models, as well as the needs of their users and customers.

This knowledge is the first step in our research and development work, which primarily focuses on the usability, adaptability and ease of integration of our solutions.

To develop these solutions, we deploy the talent of the people in each of the Meypar's departments, as well as the productive capacity of Oliva Torras, one of the most advanced mechanical engineering and manufacturing centers in Europe. A commitment to service forms the third essential pillar of our strategy. This commitment covers the entire life cycle of the products and projects we work on.

10 years of history in Spain and abroad

Meypar began its activities in 2004. Part of the industrial group Oliva Torras, it is headquartered at Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona-Spain). Our main areas of activity are Spain and Latin America. Our strategy in the Americas centers around establishing branches in Mexico and Peru. This North-South axis of presence, with the support of a network of local distributors, allows us to serve the markets of Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, USA, Guatemala, Peru and the Dominican Republic. The installations done in these countries, along with those in Spain, Andorra, Romania, France, Angola and Portugal, total close to 500 projects completed in 10 years in the market.

Mobility, a comprehensive issue.

Meypar understands mobility as a comprehensive issue that requires comprehensive solutions. These solutions leverage all the advantages of new technologies, are accessible, offer efficiency and reliability, and can exchange information with other platforms for mobility infrastructure management. Based on these principles, we develop specific solutions for:

• Managing, operating and controlling vehicle access to indoor parking facilities

• Managing and operating regulated parking in cities

• Comprehensive management of outdoor and indoor parking, parking search traffic and other services in downtown areas of cities

• Vehicle access control systems and payment systems at highway toll booths