Beyond a guarantee of reliability and security, systems for operating and managing parking facilities should provide added value to their environment, be it an international airport, a large shopping center or a hospital.

Developers and operators seek innovative solutions that allow them to improve their customers’ experiences and, at the same time, have the ability to generate new business opportunities through services.

Meypar addresses these needs with the INGENIA series, the solution for projects that require much more than technology.

Technical features

The best image for a state-of-the-art shopping center

The INGENIA series combines design and technology, creating a cutting-edge look that fits in with new trends in interior design.

Where technology and interior design meet

But the aesthetic aspect is only one of its advantages. The engineering work also yields systems that are very easy to use, giving users a better experience.

The easiest and quickest interaction

Automatic pay stations include, as an optional feature, a large screen that opens up a world of possibilities, such as valet services, advertisements or user information.

The most intuitive and appealing software

The software interface and the layout of devices allow for more intuitive and streamlined interaction.

Twice the information. Twice as reliable

Meypar constantly invests resources in developing solutions that allow it to provide new and better services to users and operators. For example, access to parking facilities of large shopping centers using loyalty cards of the shopping centers themselves, a solution that reduces the number of tickets issued and makes it possible to turn users into customers to offer them personalized services and deals.

Always operational. Always under control

All of these solutions are based on exchanging information and interactions between the management system and other platforms, such as ERP software, payment via smartphone applications, user identification systems or supermarket checkout aisles.

Meypar’s experience in this type of integration guarantees the versatility of the INGENIA series and its adaptation to future needs.