Combining experience with the technology of the future

We introduce Adventa, a solution that brings together all of our experience in parking access control and the technology of the future. Aimed at the information age, it turns management, analysis, and use of information into a marketing tool and increases the loyalty of your customers.

Adventa provides profitability, by combining design, high productivity, centralized management, and low maintenance with an open architecture. It is able to integrate and configure the most cutting-edge technology to cover different needs: the largest malls, retail store chains, large international airports, and centralized urban parking lots.

“It is able to integrate and configure the most cutting-edge technology to cover different needs”

Technical features

Fast, reliable technology for highly demanding settings

Easy to generate, print, and read, QR codes are present on packaging of large-scale consumer products, boarding passes, automobile parts, and any modern smartphone. Because of their many advantages, they have been implemented universally in an enormous number of applications and supports. And also, of course, in the world of parking.

The scanner can read the information from the QR codes in 360 degrees, regardless of the orientation. This, along with the ability to correct reading by up to 30%, makes it a highly reliable and fast system of identification, ideal for settings with large volumes of operations.

Information to generate new business opportunities

Compared with conventional 20-digit bar codes, twodimensional QR codes can contain up to 7089 numerical characters and occupy one-tenth of the area.

This qualitative leap opens up a world of possibilities, offering and collecting information that is valuable to your customers and to your business.

Simple and universal

In comparison with complex magstripe readers and writers, the printing and reading of QR codes requires devices that are much simpler and more universal, which facilitates the development and application of this technology.

Simplicity that also translates into minimal maintenance costs.

Real-time management, interconnected and multiplatform

Conceived as an online system, Adventa uses all of the potential of modern communications networks to implement advanced, multi-platform management systems:
centralization of control, applications for customer-loyalty marketing programs, mobile payment platforms, and dashboards to take advantage of the information.

The possibilities are limited only by the technology, which is advancing day after day.

360º design

Adventa integrates design into all of its aspects. From the point of view of aesthetics, to create equipment that matches modern interior design.

From the industrial point of view, to build robust equipment that is easy to maintain. And also in terms of ergonomics, to make the user’s interaction with the devices natural and intuitive. These ergonomics are also present in the software interface. Easy to understand, clear, and simple. With only the information that really matters.

A configuration for every business model

Tickets for short-term parking, long-term parking, value cards, discount vouchers, and pre-sold tickets.

All of the solutions, which, when taken together create operations that fit your business model.